What is the best thing about working at Able2?

We asked this question of our newest staff member, Annalise…

Annalise Haigh has joined the team at Able2 to work on her employment skills and independence. Annalise is in the office on a Tuesday and Thursday each week. The office is looking great as she works alongside her supports to keep our space clean and tidy.

Annalise is proud of her contribution to our workplace. This is just one example how it is possible to create a valued position in a workplace for a young person living with disability.

We asked Annalise about what was the best thing about working:

The best thing to do at Able2 is doing admin and cleaning. My own words to describe the work is ‘spectacular’. The feeling I feel when I am working is amazing and I love this job at Able2. They are a spectacular team. The newsletter will be spectacular. I am grateful for the best opportunity ever. This job is fun and makes me feel fantastic energy“.

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