Able2’s CRUSH program is a relationships workshop for young people with a disability.

The aim of this program is to deliver a high-quality, youth relevant and interactive program to educate and inform young people with a disability about healthy relationships, consent and safe sex.

We support young people to develop useful life skills, a positive and healthy attitude towards sexuality and well-being within a framework that promotes and protects their human rights.

Our program focuses on their safety, supports community participation and inclusion.

The program is facilitated over 8 weeks by experienced and trained disability youth work practitioners.

We believe that if a young person is informed they are better able to make safe decisions for themselves and others.


The CRUSH program is available as a group session or one-on-one workshop. The schedule is flexible and can be varied based on the needs of the group or individual.

  • Week 1: Hey, how r u & what is a crush?
  • Week 2: I know my rights!
  • Week 3: Is this love? respectful relationships
  • Week 4: Private stuff & public stuff
  • Week 5: Wanna go out? First date instruction manual
  • Week 6: Is this ok for me ? Consent & boundaries
  • Week 7: Online shizzle – keeping safe online
  • Week 8: Rootin’ & tootin’ – safe sex

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