At able2 we welcome all kinds of feedback, including complements, comments and complaints about our staff and services.

Because complaints can teach us how to do things better, we are committed to responding to complaints quickly and to trying to resolve them.

Who can complain?
  • Young people
  • Parents
  • Other agencies or their staff
  • Other people outside of Able2
What can you complain about?
  • How we treated you or someone else
  • How we handled an incident 
  • Inappropriate services or activities
  • Wrong priorities
  • Anything else you are not happy about
What might you complain about?
  • Our staff
  • Other young people or parents
  • Anyone else, or anything else at Able2 that you are not happy about


You can have an advocate or support person help you with your complaint. They might be a friend or relative, or a worker from another agency. If you need an interpreter, we will try to help you to get one.


Your complaint is confidential. We will only tell those people who need to know about your complaint:

– Legally we have to report some very serious complaints to government authorities.
– If you complain about a staff member, we will tell them, so they have a chance to tell their side of the story.
– You can complain anonymously (without giving your name). This may limit what we can do to fix things.
– If your complaint is very serious (for example, privacy, serious injury, harassment, discrimination, violence or crime) then you should immediately contact the Manager (see contact details below).

You don’t have to give us your name. However, sometimes we need more information from you, especially for very serious complaints (eg. about privacy, injury, harassment, discrimination, violence, crime).

How do I complain or say something positive?
  • Contact Us via our webform (see below)
  • If you feel comfortable, talk to the person you are unhappy with
  • Contact Able2’s Manager. You may like to write a letter, email, phone or make an appointment to meet face-to-face. The Manager will usually get back to you within a few days. If they cannot resolve your complaint straight away, they will let you know roughly how long it might take.

Current contact details are

Manager: Sue Campbell-Ross

Mobile: 0447 014 142

Address: 6/7-9 Raymond Road, Springwood, NSW 2777

Alternatively, you may like to contact the Independent Complaints Agency

Contact the NSW Ombudsman. They are an independent government agency which deals with complaints about government departments, councils and many community service organisations.

Toll free: 1800 451 524

Feedback & Complaints Form