Our Charter

Able2 is committed to developing an organisational culture that supports the legal and human rights of our participants and ensures you are able to exercise those rights as outlined in relevant legislation as follows: 

  • The UN Charter of Human Rights, 1948
  • Disability Inclusion Act, 2014 
  • NSW Disability Service Standards 
  • Age Discrimination Act, 2004 
  • Australian Human Rights Commission Act, 1986 
  • Disability Discrimination Act, 1992 
  • Racial Discrimination Act, 1975 
  • Sex Discrimination Act, 1984 

Able2 understands and supports the principles of fairness and human rights in all aspects of service delivery. We will ensure that services are provided to you in an environment free from discrimination, financial, sexual, physical and emotional abuse, neglect or exploitation. 

Our Commitment to you

1. Support your choice and control:

  • You have choice and control about what services you will or will not receive from Able2. A Service Agreement document will be prepared for you which will say what we both agree about the services you are going to receive from Able2, and how these supports will be provided. It sets out: 
  • Agreed expectations around how the services will be delivered by Able2 to you 
    • Each party’s responsibilities and obligations 
    • How to resolve any problems should they arise 
    • Fees involved
    • How to end the Service Agreement 
  • When we have agreed, we will both sign the Service Agreement document. You can ask another trusted person to enter into this Agreement for you – a family member, carer, friend or other person. 

2. Privacy and Confidentiality

  • You have a right to privacy and confidentiality under the Privacy Act (Commonwealth) 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles. This means that Able2 will only collect, store, use and disclose your personal and sensitive information in relation to what is reasonably necessary for the functions of Able2. We will keep your information accurate, up-to-date and secure. Upon your request, we will take all reasonable steps to provide you access to that information within 14 days. You can ask us to change our records if you believe they are inaccurate. 
  • For more information, access our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy.

3. Provide Safety

  • Safe staff: 
    • We will provide you with staff that have been reference-checked, and cleared by Police checks and Working With Children Checks conducted by appropriate authorities. 
  • Physically safe: 
    • We will provide an environment for you that is safe, comfortable and pleasant with facilities that are suitable for you. 
    • We will explain services to you and inform you of any known risks associated with any services provided (you don’t have to engage in any activity if you have a concern about your safety, unless it is specifically required in your NDIS Plan). 
    • We must mandatorily report any incidents of abuse and neglect; and anything which may reasonably be expected to produce a substantial and adverse impact on a child’s or young person’s safety, welfare or wellbeing. 
  • Culturally safe: 
    • We are committed to providing culturally safe and appropriate services, ensuring that equitable access to our services is made available for participants from culturally diverse and indigenous backgrounds. We will respond quickly to incidents of racism, discrimination and cultural abuse. 
    • We will acknowledge and respect your values and beliefs. We will support you to identify, maintain and strengthen your cultural identity and connection to the community, responding to particular cultural needs including the use of Translation and Interpreter Services (TIS) available in conjunction with funded supports as part of an NDIS Participant’s plan, and providing services by staff members of a certain gender or ethnicity if appropriate. 

4. Courtesy and Respect

  • We will treat you with courtesy and respect, ensuring that we: 
    • Provide you with staff that are qualified and matched to your needs. 
    • Provide you with easily understood and accessible information when you commence receiving services from us. We will be transparent with information about what Able2 does, how you can contact us, your rights, and the standard of service you can expect from us. 

Your Service Agreement includes details all our mutual rights and responsibilities. 

This Charter will be also available in hard copy at our office at 6/7-9 Raymond Road, Springwood, NSW 2777.

Feedback, compliments and complaints 

  • You have a right to give us feedback, good or bad. 
  • You will have access to a fair and transparent system for making complaints and for reporting any breach of your rights. Your feedback or complaint will be handled sensitively and respectfully. You will not be treated differently for saying what you think or how you feel and we will respond and work to resolve any complaint within 30 days or tell you why. 
  • Feedback, compliments and complaints may be provided anonymously as follows:
    • In person at 6/7-9 Raymond Road, Springwood, NSW 2777
    • In writing addressed to the Manager, Able2, 6/7-9 Raymond Road, Springwood, NSW 2777
    • By email addressed to feedback@able2.net.au