Wilderness Therapy

Therapeutic, adventure-based programs, including Outdoor Explore, designed to give young people an opportunity to participate in a range of outdoor activities facilitated by highly experienced, qualified guides.

The Hangout

Operates out of a fully equipped youth centre in Springwood. The centre is complete with pool tables, gaming consoles, computers, musical instruments…… plus lots of food!

Girls with Autism

GWA is a group for girls with autism ages 14 to 24 to get together, have some fun, talk about our lives and listen to others.


A group program to support young people with a disability to learn skills and strategies to keep calm, manage anxiety and stress.

Social Skills

Conversation Cafe and Social Thinking are fun and interactive programs that support a young person’s social confidence by teaching social and conversational skills.


A youth relevant interactive program to educate and inform young people with a disability about healthy relationships, consent and safe sex.