Be Social

Fun and interactive programs that support a young person’s social confidence by teaching social and conversational skills.

At any age, friendships are important, but for young people friends, and knowing how to interact with them, is vitally important! Being supported to learn conversational skills can be an important first step towards making friends.

Be Social

Be Social is a Social Thinking based program.

Social Thinking is based on the work of world-renowned expert Michelle Garcia Winner, founder of Social Thinking.

We teach social thinking skills ranging from perspective taking, to interpreting and responding to others, problem solving, emotional regulation and understanding hidden social rules.

Able2’s Social Thinking is for young people with average IQ and social functioning deficits. It includes assessment and targeted social skills training through weekly therapy sessions. Students learn ways to more easily socialise as well as establish and maintain friendships. Each young person presents with their own set of challenges and a program is developed to support their particular needs.

Conversation CAFÉ runs for 8 weeks of the school term in the Blue Mountains.

Learn Conversational Skills

Adolescence is the period of time when positive peer relationships are important and can have a profound impact on the success of the young person both academically and personally.

Our program boosts a young person’s self-esteem and sense of belonging by building these skills in a vibrant group setting where skills can be practised, and the young person’s sense of belonging is boosted by regular meetings, games to reinforce the learning and lots of fun.

Friendships and managing social relationships gives your child experience in managing emotions, responding to other people’s feelings, negotiating, perspective taking and problem-solving.

Whether your child has one or many friends, or prefers to be on their own, some social skills will help them know how to act in different social situations – from talking to a shop assistant, engaging with peers and to being part of family gatherings.

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