LID OFF OR LIFT OFF??? Like a successful rocket launch, it’s truly a wonderful lift off!

We like to announce that we have a new employee!!! Our new website.

Our old faithful website has worked hard for Able2 but just like how we have grown and expanded as a team, so our website needs to expand and grow too. The time has come for us to give our website a total face lift and more.

Our goal for our new website is to keep it fresh, appealing, and easy to navigate and engage with for our visitors and clients. We have kept it simple and authentic so that it represents our clients and our teams.

New features include ease of application and registration for enquiry, referral, contacting us and to sign up as our client. You can browse through our diverse range of exciting services, programs and training events and meet our team members!

We are active in the Nepean, Blue Mountains and Lithgow communities….. and beyond, so please check out how we play a part in our Community Social Responsibility (CSR) page.

Our founders, Sue and Rod Campbell Ross always have this vision to build an organisation to provide services and programs where people with a disability feel comfortable, safe and welcome, where they could pop in and know where the kettle is to make a cup of tea for themselves before a session. Now, over three years later, Sue & Rod manage a service that is known and respected for best practice and exceptional service.

We invite you to grab a cuppa and sit down to meet our ‘newest’ employee by going through all the services and start your registration or enquiry on