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Service Agreements

Once we process your REFERRAL FORM and it is accepted, then the next step is to sort out a Service Agreement. The service agreement is a written contract between you and Able2. It contains all the important information about the support we’ll be providing to you, including how much we will charge, when the service will be delivered, and any terms and conditions, including our cancellation policy.


A service agreement is an important document. Here are some of the reasons why…

Budgeting: service agreements can help you manage your NDIS plan’s budgets, as they show the full amount that a provider will charge you for their services

Managing expectations: service agreements are a great way to know exactly what to expect from a service provider. By listing all the important information about cancellation policies and other terms and conditions, you can make sure you follow them, so you don’t receive any surprise charges.

Protection: if you ever end up in a dispute with a service provider, having a service agreement in place can protect you. Because your service agreement is a written record of exactly how many hours of support were agreed to be delivered and at what price, you can refer back to it.

Please note that entering your name at the end of the Service Agreement confirms that you understand what is contained in this service agreement and that you agree with the supports outlined in this document. Staff at Able2 are very happy to go through this document with you so that you understand what you are agreeing to.

An easy read explanation ‘What is a service agreement?’ is available here.

An easy read document outlining your rights, expectations and responsibilities in our participant handbook is available here.