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PBS the Able2 way!

Several years ago Able2’s Behaviour Support leadership team realised that sourcing trained and experienced behaviour practitioners was becoming more challenging. We knew that there were people requesting urgently needed behaviour support services.

Often it requires navigating the draining process of sitting on a number of waitlists while the behaviours of concern continued, impacting quality of life and general wellbeing. We also knew that there were people who, with the right training, would make exceptional behaviour practitioners. So in the end, we developed a training program that transformed appropriately experienced and qualified individuals into confident, trained and prepared behaviour practitioners.

Able2 Behaviour Support Training Program

Initially, the ‘trainees’ participate in a 4 day intensive training program, to gain a working understanding of Positive Behaviour Support. The training ensures that new practitioners have the fundamental knowledge they need to start working as a Behaviour Support Implementer, and are able to be registered with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. From there, they work alongside an experienced practitioner supporting them to implement plans for clients. After 6 months we review their progress and support them into the role of Behaviour Support Practitioner at Able2. Our training program continues throughout this time, with training modules provided by a variety of our senior staff at Able2, ensuring training, education and capacity building is achieved at the highest level.

Whole Team Training Sessions

On Tuesday mornings, the team gathers to go through a series of professional development programs which are essential for the trainees, but also attended by the Behaviour Support Team. These training days are facilitated by the practitioners themselves to share their particular area of speciality with the rest of the team.

Let’s hear from Rohan, one of our newly registered behaviour practitioners working in this phenomenal team.

“The opportunity of being part of the Behaviour Support Training Program at Able2 has meant that I’ve developed a much greater understanding of behaviour as functional communication. The training has provided me with tools to assess, understand and translate behaviour. It help build  our confidence and provided access for support from experienced professionals – from the sessions that broke down all aspects of Positive Behaviour Support to highlighting the importance of a person-first approach to the entire process. It was delivered in an engaging, thoughtful, and collaborative way. By understanding the processes involved, I have increased my ability and confidence in delivering a meaningful service to my participants.”

Rohan was asked what he would say to someone who was considering this training program?

His answer  “Just do it! Ask questions, listen, read, provide your own insights and be part of the change! This training is life changing – not only for our participants, but for ourselves as practitioners.”

Is this something that you would be interested in?

Able2 encourages people with relevant backgrounds and training to enquire about our Behaviour Support Training Program. We find that professionals from the following backgrounds tend to have a natural affinity – teachers, social workers, individuals working in the disability sector and those with a therapeutic or counselling background.

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