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What is Behaviour Support?

Behaviour Support is the process of understanding and supporting behaviours that significantly impact someone’s ability to function which can prevent some people from living their best lives.

Positive Behaviour Support Practice is a person centred, neurodiversity-affirming, and strength- based practice that understands and works with people who engage in behaviours that require support, understanding, and specific strategies to minimise their impacts on the person’s quality of life.

How can it help you?

At Able 2, our Behaviour Support Practitioners work with the whole support network around an individual to foster understanding of the individual’s strengths, support needs and why they engage in  behaviours to communicate their needs.  We prefer to talk about Behaviours Requiring Support (BRS) rather than the more widely used Behaviours of Concern (BOC) or Challenging Behaviours.

Our Behaviour Support Practitioners work with a broad range of people of all ages, abilities, and diagnoses.  We also support all levels of severity in behaviour ranging from limited engagement in life and learning, through to the high levels of harming and risk-taking behaviours.

Behaviour Support is generally accessed through a participant’s NDIS funding and can help individuals with Behaviours Requiring Support through the development of a collaborative and person-centred Behaviour Support Plan (BSP).

Behaviour Support Plans are aimed to achieve the following:

  • Increase our understanding of the behaviours the individual engages in
  • Plan for consistent responses to the behaviour while ensuring everyone’s safety and needs are met
  • Address any skill building goals that will facilitate the person’s best life

Behaviour Support Services will then assist with training and implementation of the BSP across the person’s broader support network.

If you require any further information about Behaviour Support Services at Able2, click here for more details and contact us at