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🎨 CREATIVITY 🎨 abound when businesses adopt a ‘Customer Centric’ approach! 👩‍🦰 LET’S GET GIRTY! 🎨

There is a program for every type of client at #Able2. Check out this GRIT program for girls with the term ‘Tree Of Life’.

This is one of our popular youth programs that caters to girls 12-24 years of age. The objective of the program it to build self-esteem and resilience with the group providing participants the opportunity to build friendships and be involved in fun learning experiences.

This term’s theme will be on an art project called “The Tree Of Life”. This is a creative way to assist the group to discover their strengths, skills, hopes and dreams. The process will guide the participants to explore their family background, the special people in their life and the gifts they have given them.

Each week the group will work on a section of the art project using a range of creative materials.

At the end of the term program, the girls will achieve creating a beautiful artwork to take home that represents who they are.

Like to know more:

• Start date: 07/02/22
• End date: 28/03/22
• Duration: 8 weeks
• Time: 3pm – 6pm, every Monday

If you know of any of your loved ones or someone in the Blue Mountains community that you are interested in becoming a GRIT gal, contact our team and we will be #able2 help you.

This group program runs every term so if you missed out on the current you, don’t worry, we have you covered, registered for the Wait List.